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Homeland Security proposes international student visa fee hike

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security proposes increase in the mandatory Student and Exchange Visitor Information System fee from $200 to $350 that is paid by applicants for F and M student visas. Fees for most categories of J exchange visas will increase from $180 to $220. The fee for…

Foreign Education By Winny Edu 20 August 2018

New Zealand: Exploitation at the center of post-study work changes

In an effort to resolve the issue of exploitation, Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway proposed removing the requirement for post-study work visas to be sponsored by a particular employer. This will also limit the length of post-study work visas for courses below degree level to one year and remove the post-study…

Foreign Education By Winny Edu 15 August 2018

Coventry University to Open Campus in Poland

With course due to begin in September 2019, Coventry University is to open its first independent campus in Wroclaw, which will be first of its kind by foreign University in Poland. The university wants to meet the demand for flexible learning – where students can study whilst working part-time, helping…

Foreign Education By Winny Edu 7 August 2018