Career Counseling

You are much more capable than you think yourself to be. You can become an artist, an entrepreneur, or a resilient scientific researcher. You can climb the tallest mountain in the world or land on the moon to make your mark in history. The only difference between you and the people who achieve greatness can be summed up in one simple word – guidance. With the right guidance, you can achieve greatness, climb that corporate ladder, or paint that masterpiece. With the right amount of guidance, you can have a successful career in the field you desire.

At Winny, we see the potential in you. We find those unique qualities in you that can transform your career, and your life. We suggest careers that match with your personality and connect you with the right kind of employers you would love to work with.

Our aptitude test has been used by thousands of individuals discover their passion and work towards achieve goals that do not contradict their personality. Our aptitude test compares student’s task based performance and provides a validated profile of his/her abilities and shortfalls, and reveal hidden talents in students, thus amplifying their career prospects.

Through our aptitude test, you will be able to understand yourself, your career possibilities, your likes, dislikes and your understanding of various subjects. Through our aptitude test results, you will be able to gauge yourself about careers that are good for you are and careers that are not. Moreover, taking an aptitude test is not hard. All you need is sheer dedication to succeed in life.

Take our aptitude test today. Visit our office or call us on our toll free number today!