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International Student life in Canada | Canada student Life | Living in Canada Life in Canada

Life in Canada

Canada is a large country. The land area of 9,984,670 square kilometers makes it the second biggest country in the world. Canada perhaps is the only country in the world that is rarely in the news for any controversial issues. It is known to be a peace loving and one of the most preferred countries to migrate to.

Multicultural Society

Being a multicultural society Canada allows you to understand each other and does not encourage hatred and violence. Canada is high on tourist preferred destination itineraries, as it offers a unique peek into its multi-cultural and bio-geographical diversity. It is relatively free from all sorts of discrimination and divide, a fact most Canadians are proud about. Canada advocates multiculturalism by encouraging all Canadians to participate in all aspects of life. Everyone in Canada is treated as equal. Everyone has a right to say. Everyone has a right to preserve and protect their own tradition and people there respect each other’s right to do the same. They will respect and accept anyone who respects and accepts them.

Canada celebrate religious freedom

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects your freedom to practice your tradition and religion. It advocates that you must be respectful of others’ beliefs as well. Canadians use their right to vote and decide who will govern the country. Canada is a democratic country. People in Canada have several rights to amend laws and the governments.

Canada’s public health care system

Canada’s health insurance system is set up to address people’s requirements for health care rather than their ability to make the payment. Often termed as Medicare, the system is tailored to ensure that all residents of Canada have easy access to health care facilitations from doctors and hospitals. All Canadians and permanent residents may get health insurance. Getting a health insurance allows you to get medical treatment without making direct payment. They are paid by means of your taxes. You can use the benefits of your medical services by simply presenting your health insurance card to the hospital or medical clinic. Life cannot get better, can it?