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Why Study In Denmark

Each year students across the globe decide on Denmark as the stage of pursuing advance studies. The Danish Education System promotes creativity and innovation, and the country provides globally recognized degrees. The high academic standard is one of the characteristics of every university of the country. All the institutions of higher education in Denmark use the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), which facilitates international credit transfer. The institutes of the Denmark have agreed upon a set of code of conduct for recruitment, admission and education of international students.  The students are offered programs inclusive credit-earning internship which helps them earn the work experience in their field. The teaching flairs of the institute are based on discussion method where students are free to express their innovative ideas in the classroom and thus it developed the persona of the students in a splendid manner.

Post Study Options

If you are a Nordic, EU/EEA or Swiss Citizen, then there is no restrictions regarding the working hours in Denmark. But if you are non-EU/EEA student, then you can only work upto 15 hours a week during regular session. However, your passport needs a work permit sticker in it. And if you haven’t applied for work permit, then you can apply for one at Danish Immigration service. You are eligible for work permit only if you are 18 years of age and the employer must also confirm that you uphold workplace environment legislation.

Do remember that don’t work for more than 15 hours per week or else the Danish Immigration service might revoke your residence permit or refuse to extend it or even deport you. It might also happen that you and your employer might face imprisonment.

After graduation, your residence permit will be valid for 6 more months allowing you to search for job. Provided that your visa hasn’t already been extended for an extra 6 months, you can apply for such an extension to your permit.

A number of schemes have been designed to make it easier for qualified professionals to get a work permit:

Green Card Scheme:

If you are granted a residence permit under the Green Card scheme, then you need not to apply for work permit separately. This scheme, allows you to work but not as a self-employed person. Under this scheme, it’s solely your responsibility to find yourself a job in Denmark. Make sure that in some Danish work market, Danish language is often a condition. Within six months of getting the permit, you should move to Denmark and have an official address and within first year of granted permit, you should have earned maximum of DKK 50,000. You are not allowed to accompany your family members before you own an official address.

The Positive List:

Under this scheme, you will be offered a job in a profession which is currently facing shortage. You will have a written job offer letter which specifies salary and employment in it. Minimum qualification required is a bachelor’s degree and in some you might require a Danish authorization.

If you get a residence permit and work permit on the grounds of an unlimited job contract then duration of your permit will be four years. You can also apply for extending your permit if you are in the same job and in the same terms. Eventhough your job title doesn’t come under positive list then also you can go for extension provided that you are still working in the same job with same terms. If you have a temporary job contract, then the duration of your permit will be same of your job contract plus 6 months so that you can search of new job. During the job seeking period, you aren’t allowed to work and if you end up with new job then you should again apply for residence and work permit no later than the day you begin your new job.

The Pay Limit Scheme:

Under this scheme, you will be offered a highly paid job. Only condition is that you must have a gross annual package of not less than DKK 375,000. You must have a written job offer letter which specifies salary and employment conditions. Duration under the pay limit scheme remains the same as for the positive list scheme.

Fast Track Scheme:

Under this fast track scheme, certified employers can hire you on short notice without processing an application by the Danish agency of labour market and recruitment. This scheme is divided into 4 tracks.

  1. Foreign national is employed as per the pay limit scheme.
  2. Foreign national is employed as researcher. Guest researchers and PhD students are not included in this.
  3. Foreign national who is highly qualified and has professional work experience, then he/she come under this scheme but only purpose should be to gain highly qualified training in a certified company.
  4. This scheme gives a candidate a possibly to stay and work in Denmark upto 3 months without specific conditions.

Under this scheme, candidate can work in and out in Denmark and his permit will not lapse. Usually, a residence and work permit is granted for upto 4 years unless it’s for short term stay of 3 months. Permit for short term stay can’t be extended. Residence permit will end 14 days after the expiry of employment contract. Duration of fast track scheme remains the same as for the positive list scheme.

If the candidate finds a new job, then he/she will be required to apply for new residence and work permit.

Establishment Card:

Inorder to be eligible for Establishment Card, you should have completed a Danish master’s degree or PhD. If you are granted a residence permit under this scheme, then you need to apply for work permit. This scheme allows you to work as well as work as an entrepreneur. Make sure that you apply for your residence permit before your permit for job seeking ends. Moreover you should also prove that you have sufficient funds inorder to support yourself during the first year in Denmark. Establishment Card is granted for 2 years and cannot be extended.

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