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EDUCATION IN DENMARK Education in Denmark

The Danish education system is designed to promote different skills like creative, analytical, innovative and critical thinking. The qualifications provided in Denmark are recognized throughout the world. The different types of models in Denmark education system are pre-school, primary and lower secondary education, upper secondary education, vocational education and training, higher education and adult learning. Denmark offers wide range of programs for the students like technology, business, healthcare, education, design, architecture and many more. Universities in Denmark offer both theoretical and practical oriented programs to their students. Higher education in Denmark is free of cost for both EU and Non-EU students and almost all the universities in Denmark are publically funded. Most of the universities in Denmark collaborate with different industries in order to ensure that a dynamic learning environment is provided to the student by learning from the industry experts. Most of the universities, colleges and academics in Denmark are associated with the state-of-the-art facilities which provide students free access to computers, libraries and Wi-Fi on campus.

Information & Communications Technology:

Denmark is considered to be one of the top locations in the world for Information & Communications Technology activities. Denmark is also known for its world class IT infrastructure with some of world’s highest ICT penetration rates for mobiles, broadband and PCs. This program provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to manage information systems. ICT engineers can choose wide range of career opportunities from software engineer, R&D engineer, software developer and solutions architect.

Public Health:

Denmark has developed into one of the strongest in the field of public health in Europe. Denmark also constitutes an international health laboratory inorder to attract international businesses and researchers. Denmark majorly depends on several healthcare industries, public private partnerships, political focus on creating framework conditions to research and business development in healthcare and welfare. Students in the public health program have different career opportunities in areas like health planning, development, planning, health administration and analysis and so on. Moreover different exciting job offers are also found in public and private institutions, national and regional agencies and institutions.


Denmark sets high value for its engineers and is also paid well. Engineers in Denmark are part of their traditional innovation. According to a survey, Technical University of Denmark is ranked among the top 20 most recognized engineering faculties in the world out of 100,000. An engineering career in Denmark is very challenging due to the need of new ideas for their flat hierarchical structures. The labour market in Denmark is dynamic and the opportunities tend to be abundant. Based on a recent survey, Denmark will require around 14,000 engineers till 2020. In Denmark, there is a strong requirement for chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers.