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Denmark is known as a country of “the happiest people in the world”. People in Denmark are considered to be well educated.

The political system of Denmark is that of united structure, where several parties can be represented in Parliament at the same time. Moreover no single party has had the majority in Parliament since 1909. People in Denmark follow Christianity and they pay more attention to the traditions and festivals. Majority of the Danish traditions are based around the Christian calendar.

Apart from free education and health care, all citizens’ along with people working in Denmark have number of benefits such as maintained cycling and driving infrastructure, stable public transport system, multiple free cultural activities and recreational facilities. Moreover employees in Denmark are given flexible work hours as both men and women work.

Creating a green society is one of the key goals for Denmark. Majority of the people in Denmark are interested in cycling. Much of renewable energy comes from wind turbines, where Denmark is a world leader when it comes to developing new technology.