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Why Study In Dubai

Located in the south-east coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the country of United Arab Emirates. Unlike the general thought of Dubai relying on oil revenue in order to develop into a business hub; majority of its main revenue is derived from tourism, aviation, real estate and financial services.

The rapidly growing city of Dubai, is gaining a strong reputation as an International Education Hub; with several renowned universities such as Middlesex, Michigan, Murdoch, Rochester, Hult and Wollongong having extended campuses in the Academic City and Knowledge Village of Dubai. Although the cost of education in Dubai equates that the cost of studying in the West, the quality of education and lifestyle makes up for the expenses. Most universities assist students with placements within the UAE after completion of their programs.

Post Study Options:

International students with student visa in Dubai are not allowed to work part time or full time as per the UAE laws. They can work as a part of their internship program after getting permission from their university. If at all the graduate secure full time work then he/she needs to change the visa status into an employer sponsored visa.

Dubai Work Permit:

Dubai work permit is issued to employees in private sector. Dubai work permit can be referred as Residence permit for employment issued for an employee. Under this permit, the employee is allowed to live and work in Dubai for upto 3 years. Inorder to secure the work permit, applicant must provide wide range of documents like medical proof/medical certificates and other business related information.

Dubai Work Permit (Public sector):

Dubai work permit is designed specifically for public sector employees and lasts for maximum of 3 years. The Dubai work permit is comparatively easier to obtain. The process for public sector work permit differs slightly.

Short term Dubai work visas:

If you are a planning for some business or short term contract with some employer, then short term Dubai work visa is suitable for you which allow you to live and work in Dubai. Basically the short term Dubai work permit is issued for particular shorter duration.

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