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The word Germany drives from the Latin word Germania which was adopted by Julius Caesar for the people living in the east of the Rhine. Germany is also the second most famous migration destination after USA in the world. Germany is also the 7th largest country by area in Europe.

Germany follows civil law system based on the Roman law alongwith few references of German law. Germany comprises of sixteen federal states known as Bundeslander and each state have their own constitution. Majority of people in Germany follow Christianity. Around 30.8% people have declared themselves as Roman Catholic, 30.3% as Protestants while 5.7% people are part of other denominations. Second largest religion followed in Germany is Islam with 1.9% people have declared themselves as Muslims.

German is considered to be the official language spoken in Germany which is also one of the 24 official and working languages of the European nation. Germany has the oldest health care system of 1880s in which 77% is government funded while the rest 23% is private funds. Germany is also well known for its folk festival tradition like Oktoberfest and Christmas.