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Why Study In Ireland

Ireland holds innovative and creative culture wherein people place great importance to education. Education in Ireland at all level i.e. primary, secondary and college is free, provided the student has applied for European Union. The widespread department; Development of Education and skills, ensures quality of education by evaluating the overall curriculum of the universities/institute from time-to-time and that is the exclusive reason why many of the Ireland’s institutes are internationally ranked. The Institutes of the country such as Dublin Institute of Technology are ranked in the top 5% globally.  Also, upon the completion of the program, the international students get one year additional to quest a job of choice.  Because of small size, safe environment, education quality assurance and free education, students are enchanted to choose a program of their field in Ireland.

Post Study Options

If you are planning to study in Ireland, it would be good enough that you check about the possible career options after graduation as well. Students who wish to stay back in Ireland and get a work experience after completing their studies need to apply for work permit. In the recent times Ireland has the lowest unemployment rate in the whole of Europe. Hence there are openings and opportunities especially for qualified computer/software professional, construction professionals and professional in the hospitality industry. Being the fastest growing economy in Europe, possibilities of obtaining work permits in Ireland for qualified students are better, compared to other European Countries.

Work while studying:

Students like to work while studying in Ireland inorder to earn their living expenses. While you are in college you are allowed to work for upto 20 hours a week during the study period and 40 hours per week in holidays.

Third Level Graduate Scheme:

If you are not an EU/EEA/Swiss student and wish to stay on and work in Ireland then you will be entitled for Third Level Graduate Scheme. Under this scheme, you will be allowed to stay in Ireland for 6 months from the day you receive your exam results inorder to find job. During this term, you will only be working for 40 hours per week without a work permit. If your degree is of level 8 then you can stay for 12 months in Ireland and if your degree is of level 7 you can stay for 6 months. But once this 12 months or 6 months period ends, you can opt for a Green Card or Work Permit.

Green Card Scheme:

Green card is an employment permit which allows you to work in Ireland with specified employer. Basically green card is issued for a specific period of 2 years and can be renewed. Inorder to apply for green card, you should fulfill the following conditions:

  1. The job offers you the salary package of over €60,000 a year.
  2. Job is in a restricted list of occupation, offers over €30,000 a year and is for atleast 2 years.
  3. Job offer letter of a bona-fide company registered for trading is required

Cost of applying for green card is €1,000. Time spent in Ireland under the permit will be counted towards permanent residency. And there is no need to undergo labour market assessment test prior to applying. Either you or your employer can apply for the permit.

Work Permit Scheme:

Another option to obtain employment is to apply for work permit but its bit difficult as you need to attend the labour market test. Your prospective employer will have to comply with rules regarding the advertising of the job position and confirm that no Irish national is fit for the position. The job should have an annual salary of atleast €30,000 or below €30,000 for specific cases where the job fulfill some public interest. Cost of applying for work permit is €1,000 upto 24 months.

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