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The education system in Ireland has 3 models: primary, secondary, third level and higher education. Education plays an important role in making Ireland one of the fastest growing economies in the world. All universities, institutes of technology, colleges of education, national college of Ireland and some religious institutions are publically funded and there are only few private colleges. Secondary level of education also includes secondary, vocational, community and comprehensive schools. Secondary schools are privately owned and managed while community and comprehensive schools are managed by boards of management.

The third level education includes different sectors like university sector, technological sector, independent colleges and the colleges of education and private. These institutions are independent, self-governing and funded by the state. Technological sector provides programs in areas like business, science, engineering, linguistics and music. Higher education in Ireland comprises of education and training which is conducted after the secondary level of education but it’s not included in the third level of education.

Some of the institutions adopt Cooperative Education is also provided in New Zealand which involves placement for students relevant to their qualifications for 6-8 months as a part of their undergraduate programs.


Programs related engineering are offered in diverse specializations like Aviation, Biomedical, Civil, and Chemical and so on. However engineering degrees and their requirements differ compared to different institutions. Ireland is in need of engineering professionals at all levels especially in software and IT industry and pharmaceutical industry because of their economic and civic development. Currently, there are around 5400 technology companies in Ireland which employs 2500 people and is expected to double.

Business and Management:

Business schools in Ireland are not as famous as in USA or Canada but the professionals with business management degree from any of the Irish institutions are much in demand all over the world. The key areas of business and management programs in Ireland are economics, business, finance, accounting, marketing etc. Moreover, there are number of specialized courses designed for the development of leadership skills and team work skills. Students are also trained by gathering resumes, conducting interviews and planning their future.

Information & Communications Technology:

Ireland is world renowned for its information and communication technology and it’s still flourishing. Moreover the career prospects for IT professionals are very strong in Ireland. Ireland is home to most respected companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Dell and many more. Professionals in information and communication technology are highly equipped for different employment opportunities like designers and consultants.