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Study in New Zealand

Why Study In New-zealand

New Zealand is considered to be one of best places to live in, to study, work or settle in. Studying in New Zealand will enable students to gain a great learning experience, a globally acclaimed qualification, practical exposure, with International competition in a multicultural society & much more. New Zealand is safe country and the people are not only hospitable, but they hold an interest in mixing with new cultures. New Zealand education providers teaches different courses with different method of learning i.e. attending lectures, self-study assignments, practical exposure of industrial visits, projects, employers visit to the institute sharing knowledge and internships within the areas of major. New Zealand qualifications are also known as Globally Acclaimed Qualifications within the world.

The combination of Practical and modern techniques with the course degree itself, is what ranks them the world’s best & reputed qualifications for international students. New Zealand government offers Graduate job search visa option on successful completion of studies to international students. Graduates may work within the country thus gaining exposure and work experience within the field of their graduation, and later on international students are eligible to apply for permanent residency based on the point based system maintained by respective authorities of the country.

Post Study Options

Students usually think what next after finishing the program. Some might stay on and get work experience in New Zealand or some might even consider going on for higher education, travel and spend some leisure time. Here are some options for the international students out there in New Zealand or planning to go:

Work while Studying:

If you want to work while studying in New Zealand, you can go for part time jobs of 20 hours per week during the study period and 40 hours during semester break which will indeed help you to earn your living expense. Before opting for part time jobs do check your eligibility and steps you need to take on.

Study to work policy:

Study to work policy is basically for students and trainees who have completed their certain qualification in New Zealand. A student can apply for work permit; 3 months after the end date of the student permit. There are two options available for a student under study to work policy – the graduate job search permit and the work on completion of course of study permit.

If you are looking for a job then you can go for post study work visa open. An only criterion is that you should have completed your qualification in New Zealand. Under this policy, one should submit the application three months after the student permit and this gives you 12 months to search a relevant job based to your qualification. This policy makes you work under an employer.

If you already acquire a job offer then you can apply for work on completion of a course of study work permit. The main intention of this policy is to make you enter into an industry in which you have studied or trained in. You can apply for this policy, three months after the student permit or while you are under the post study work permit visa with employer assistance. This permit is valid for upto 3 years. Under this policy, you will only work under the specific employer, location and position. Inorder to be eligible for this policy, you should have completed a course of minimum of 2 years in New Zealand. The job must be accordance to your qualification in New Zealand.

Students can look out for job opportunities before their completion of preferred course as some employers in New Zealand do take on students over the summer holidays. After completion of your program, straight away you will be eligible for work permit. And once your work permit ends, you can extend your time period or else apply for a PR.

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Foreign Education 26 November 2018

First week as a student in Canada

Are you a student visa holder and about to fly to Canada to start your program or have already landed in Canada? There will be various things which need to be taken care of to settle down in completely strange country far from your homeland. Here’s some basic tasks are…

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Foreign Education 19 November 2018

Students are unaware of fast-track degrees – NARIC

As per the report by IFF Research and UK NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centre), international students are unaware about the various options related to studying the UK Accelerated degrees and they also identified a greater international market potential outside Europe. The survey of 1,164 international respondents found 59% were…

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Foreign Education 12 November 2018

Know the Universities that are the most sought after to impress the graduate recruiters

The students planning to pursue higher studies are mostly concerned about the job placement. Certain colleges and universities have built up an impression by their curriculum, standard of education, and skilled students that attract the employers and companies for campus placements. Many MNCs tend to select the students from such…

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Foreign Education 4 November 2018

United States to bring maximum term for student visa

The USA administration announced that they are planning to introduce “a maximum period of authorized stay and options for extensions” for US student visas (and other nonimmigrant visa classes). This approach would in replace of the long-standing practice of issuing student visas for the duration of studies (or “D/S”). D/S…

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Foreign Education 26 October 2018

How to Find Part-time Jobs in Poland

The International Student Enrollment to Poland has increased over the period of time. Also, the change in regulations made by Polish Government enables international student’s easy access to part-time jobs; they need to have any special permission. However, the way of finding jobs in Poland solely depends on what kind…

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Foreign Education 18 October 2018

UK TNE Students outnumber International Students by 60%

According to the latest UUKi’s latest report by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, the International Students’ numbers for the UK Universities has risen from 707,915 students (up to 1%). Transnational Education (TNE) activity has been reported by 138 universities and reached 228 locations (an increase of four) around the world.…

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Foreign Education 12 October 2018

Study Predicts Global Higher Education Growth Until 2040

A recent study by Massification of Higher Education Revisited has observed that there is a continuing growth for higher education. The study also predicts that there would be more than 600 million students enrolled in the universities across the world. The below table illustrates that the total number for International…

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Foreign Education 5 October 2018

Macquarie University announces scholarships for Indian Students

Macquarie University has announced scholarships worth AUD$10,000 annually to recognize Indian students and support their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The scholarship amount works towards tuition fees covering all coursework programs commencing in the year 2019. Macquarie University is one of the Australia’s top Universities, which has the most popular study…

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Foreign Education 27 September 2018

UK Universities looks forward to new post-study visa

With the massive fall in international student enrollments from countries including India, the representative body for the UK universities is on the move to new post-study visa. Post scrapping the post-study visa in 2012, the number of international students choosing the UK as their study abroad destination reduced. The dominant…

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Foreign Education 24 September 2018

Graduate Student Choice: Lead Initiatives in Montreal city

An initiative of Montreal city is cultivating towards attracting international graduates with programs like “Stay in Scotia”. A Canadian sector is leading an answer to the question of what to do and where to go after studying abroad. Montréal International is the city’s own international development agency, which hopes to boost…

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Foreign Education 20 September 2018

List of the Universities that impress recruiters

International Students prefer universities that boost their career post the completion of graduation. Based on the reviews of 42,000 employers, the QS group has released an international league table with the Graduate Employability Rankings wherein the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA has the first place followed by…

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Foreign Education 15 September 2018

International Students enrollment increases for Post Migration Programs

The Education at a Glance report, 2018, states that advanced degrees continue to attract more international students than Bachelor’s and equivalent degrees after research across 35 OECD countries. The international enrollments in bachelor’s program are below 5% in many countries, with exceptions including Austria, Luxembourg, and New Zealand with more…

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Foreign Education 12 September 2018

Poland launches an internationalization strategy

Poland’s international student population has increased remarkably in last few years but the Polish higher education still remains among least internationalized of European Union countries as the international students are just 2.3% of the total student population. A new government strategy and financial commitment to international educations signals that the…

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Foreign Education 8 September 2018

Global Survey report – International Students are highly satisfied in Canada

As per the global survey conducted by the Canadian Bureau for International Education, international students in Canada are highly satisfied with their studies and would also recommend Canada as a study destination to their pals. In addition, international students also look forward to choose the settlement option in the near…

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Foreign Education 4 September 2018

Canada expands biometric requirements for study permits

Canada is expanding the use of biometrics for applications of visitor visa, work permits, study permits, and permanent residence. Effective from July 31, 2018, the applicants from countries of Europe, Middle East, and Africa will need to supply additional biometric information – specifically, fingerprints and photo for any of the…

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Foreign Education 1 September 2018

International students practice English and job skills at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI)

The University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), a Canadian educational institute has initiated to help international student gain proficiency in English language so that they can secure jobs during and after their studies. According to the instructor Bonnie Stewart, the students are skillful but they have to communicate those skills…

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Foreign Education 27 August 2018

More private colleges in the USA expected to be closed

An analysis reveals that there will be increase in the closure of private colleges in the USA in upcoming year compared to 2017. Moody’s Investor Services predicted in 2015 that the number of small the USA colleges that would close annually would triple by year 2017 and they still expects…

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Foreign Education 20 August 2018

Homeland Security proposes international student visa fee hike

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security proposes increase in the mandatory Student and Exchange Visitor Information System fee from $200 to $350 that is paid by applicants for F and M student visas. Fees for most categories of J exchange visas will increase from $180 to $220. The fee for…

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Foreign Education 15 August 2018

New Zealand: Exploitation at the center of post-study work changes

In an effort to resolve the issue of exploitation, Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway proposed removing the requirement for post-study work visas to be sponsored by a particular employer. This will also limit the length of post-study work visas for courses below degree level to one year and remove the post-study…

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Foreign Education 7 August 2018

Coventry University to Open Campus in Poland

With course due to begin in September 2019, Coventry University is to open its first independent campus in Wroclaw, which will be first of its kind by foreign University in Poland. The university wants to meet the demand for flexible learning – where students can study whilst working part-time, helping…

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Foreign Education 30 July 2018

Students benefit from Temporary Transition Period for Alberta Opportunity Stream

By introducing the Temporary transition period, the Government of Canada plans to help specified student applicants adapt its new List of Alberta Advanced Education Approved post-secondary Credentials. The list, which is a part of the new Alberta Opportunity Stream determines which credential programs at Alberta post-secondary institutions are approved for…

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Foreign Education 28 July 2018

Canada improving the Biometric Requirement for Study Permits

For applicants of visitor visas, work permits, study permits, or permanent residency, Canada is increasingly using Biometrics. With effective from July 31, 2018, all applicants from countries in Europe, Middle East, and Africa will be required to supply an additional biometric information which include fingerprints and a photo. This move…

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Foreign Education 26 July 2018

Increasing Number of Students Choosing Poland for Higher Studies

Increasing number of students are choosing to study in Poland. These students are drawn towards the high quality international education, low tuition-fees, and affordable cost of living. Poland, which is located on the Northern European plain serves as a bridge between eastern and western cultures of Europe. Today, Poland is…

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Foreign Education 25 July 2018

Survival Guide – How to get the right job after graduation

Every year thousands of students come to Canada to pursue their dream. After long-waited hard work and dedication, most graduates look out for employment opportunities that coincide with their future goals and career options. It is also necessary that the skills and knowledge acquired during study be put into practice.…

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Foreign Education 23 July 2018

New Changes Implemented to Work Rights for International Graduated by New Zealand

A new set of work rules will be applicable to students travelling to New Zealand for study purpose. The New Zealand government has implemented the rules to balance two important goals i.e. reducing net immigration and encouraging skilled immigrants to join the labour force of the company. Most importantly, this…

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Foreign Education 21 July 2018

Factors affecting student decisions about study destination surveyed

According to i-graduate International Student Barometer (ISB) survey reveals that the most important factors that impact the students’ decisions for overseas education are scholarships and funding, opportunities to work while studying, opportunities for further study, and teacher reputation. During the survey, over 110,000 students provided information about how they respond to the…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 20 July 2018

Impact of Alberta’s immigration changes on international students

Two new immigration streams have been announced by the Canadian province of Alberta starting June 14, 2018, one of which is a new Express Entry pathway to Canada PR. The new changes will be beneficial to current and potential applicants, which include international student graduates. The highest number of international…

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Foreign Education 17 July 2018

Indian Students benefit from Student Direct Stream

With the implementation of Student Direct Stream (SDS), it is a relaxed study permit processing for students specifically Indian students. According to reports, the processing time has reduced to 45 days from 60 days post introducing SDS. This is not the first time that Canadian government has offered such privilege…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 7 July 2018

Students look for careers that lead to desired results

In the latest data, Australia shows highly lucrative growth in student application in the first quarter of 2018. The overall enrolment growth has increased by 12.6% in the first quarter itself. Most of this is due to the higher education sector, which is up just over 14% year over year.…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 27 June 2018

Students look for careers that lead to desired results

Over 2/3 of the students are said to consider the availability of the program they desire to study as compared to about 24% others who consider the destination instead of the program to study abroad. Only 9% students had intentions to study in a specific university or college. The students…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 15 June 2018

OPT, the H-1B Alternative Grew by 400% in eight years

More than 1.4 million international students have been allowed to stay in the USA post-graduation as part of their Optional Practical Training (OPT) program, which has become greater than the controversial H1B program. According to a source, research of the USA immigration and customs enforcement data obtained through freedom of…

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Foreign Education 8 June 2018

Nearly 1/3 of express entry invitations issued to international graduates in Canada

As per the latest data, 26,826 graduates of Canadian educational institution were invited by the Canadian Government for permanent residency in 2017 through programs in economic immigration under Express Entry. The number is nearly 31 per cent of all the invitation to apply in 2017. For a one or two…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 1 June 2018

IRCC introduces Student Direct Stream for International Students

With the aim to streamline the study permit process, IRCC has come up with Student Direct Stream (SDS) program, which enables the students from India, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines to make faster processing. To qualify for SDS, the students need to demonstrate additional requirements, in particular, language abilities and…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 25 May 2018

The USA Government to expand its job opportunities for International Students

A new report says that the federal government is expanding its program list for foreign students graduating from American Universities. This would allow the STEM students to stay in the country for temporary employment post completion of their study. The report established by Washington based firm states that the foreign…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 27 April 2018

Canada Named the Most Appealing Destinations for International Students

A research held by International Student Admission Service (ISAS) discovered that the number of international students aspiring to study in Canada has grown immensely since May 2017. ISAS polled 1700 students in August-September 2017 and found that 62 percent of students listed Canada as their first choice. In a similar…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 25 April 2018

Noticeable growth in international applicants to British Universities

For the first time in almost 5 years, an increase observed in non-EU students’ applications to British undergraduate studies with over 11% growth in 2017. The applications to EU have increased by more than 3 percent. The total number of international applicants to British Universities crossed 100,000 for the first…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 23 April 2018

Indian and Chinese students flocking to Australian Universities

Despite the negative media coverage and racist reports, there is growing number of Indian and Chinese students enrolling for Australian universities. Based on the new statistics released by the Australian Department of Home Affairs, there are 190,000 international students applied to study in Australia between July and December 2017, which…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 21 April 2018

The UK Study Visa Pilot Program Extended to 23 HEIS

To streamline the processing of international students’ visas, a pilot program has been extended by the UK Home Office, which described as a successful first stage at four universities. The process is designed in such a way that it makes Tire 4 visa applications more straightforward, with prospective Master’s students…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 15 April 2018

India top source of international students in Canada

According to Federal Statistics, India is the top source of international students in Canada surpassing China. During the year 2016, 43,740 study permit applications were approved by the Immigration officials compared to 32,739 study permit applications of Chinese students. The same trend seems to be continuing for the year 2017…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 13 April 2018

Australia aims to double digit enrollment for the year 2017

The recent DET data released reports that the international enrollment in Australia has increased by 14% with China, India, Malaysia, Nepal, and Vietnam as top five sending source. As per reports, it’s the greatest growth in the first four months of the year 2017. With the latest data, the total…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 11 April 2018

Indian students prefer Undergraduate program to study abroad

Approximately 85% of Indian students prefer choosing Undergraduate programs for overseas education in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. As per reports, one out of six international students in the USA belongs from India and 3/4th students opt to choose science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs. The major reasons…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 9 April 2018

Australia recognizes Jindal Global Law School’s law degree

Law Council of Australia has recognized the law degree imparted by the Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) from the admission process to legal practice in Australia. This comes as positive news for law students of JGLS to pursue a career in Australia. The recognition from Law Council of Australia aims…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 21 March 2018

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Spot Assesment

Pearson Tests of English (PTE) is a computer- based academic English Language test aimed at non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad. It tests your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. PTE academic is creating great opportunities for the students who want to prove their English proficiency when applying for…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 21 March 2018

Going Abroad After 12th Standard

Earlier, after completing 12th standard, the student used to complete their undergraduate program from India itself and then work for some time in order to gain experience and then, they’d go abroad and do their post-graduation. But now, the trend has changed. It is preferred that the student goes abroad…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 21 March 2018

Growing Popularity Of PTE

Pearson Tests of English (PTE) is a computer- based academic English Language test aimed at non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad. It tests your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. PTE academic is creating great opportunities for the students who want to prove their English proficiency when applying for…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 21 March 2018

Misconceptions about IELTS Exam

Before appearing in IELTS exam, hundreds of questions rise about the test, preparation and results. With awareness and basic concept, students also develop some misconceptions for the exam which can decrease your chances of getting desired bands. It is important to know about those delusions to avoid unnecessary mistakes that…

More Details By Winny Edu
Foreign Education 21 March 2018

Why Indian Students Choose To Study In USA After 12th Standard

Most of the Indian students dream of studying abroad after completing school. It has been noticed in last two academic years that most of the Indian students prefer to study in USA. To study in USA the student has to meet the entry requirements of the institute and score around…

More Details By Winny Edu