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Why Study In Singapore

Singapore is a multi-ethnic city and has become one of the leading destinations in Asia for attaining world-class education. This country is the base of many multinational companies and it is counted as one of the reputed financial centers of the world. Singapore has been consistently ranked as one of the most competitive nations and best place for businesses in the world.  Singapore’s universities provide eminent education which aspires and prepares the students for tomorrow’s world, but also for a world where they can face the challenges bravely and which are not yet foreseen. Here the faculties of universities, schools, colleges and educational institutes encourage the students to make the best out of their hidden potential, which develops a passion for learning and helps them achieve their goals. Apart from being autonomous, these universities map their own educational system to pursue new heights of excellence and research. Basically, here one can find knowledge based industries which are its main forte and provide employment to thousands of people. Singapore currently has the lowest unemployment ratio as compared to the other countries over the world.

There are several large islands in the country; such as Sentosa, Pulua Ubin, Jurong Island, Pulau Tekong and the highest being, Bukit Timah. Singapore’s strategic location at the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula and it is a country with low hills. As it is closer to the equator, the climate usually remains equatorial in most months of the year and does not have distinctive seasons. As Singapore is a multicultural society of four major ethnic groups Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians. The numbers of visitors that come to visit Singapore each year are double its population.

Singapore is a reputable financial centre and fairly known as “International Business Hub” as it’s the base of thousands of Multinational Corporations and lacs of small and medium enterprises. This beautiful country attracts huge investment in the hospitality industry, and has a flourishing segment in the hotel business. Singapore offers qualifications of high standard in a friendly and encouraging environment which is very well recognized globally. The universities and educational institutes of Singapore have affordable tuition fees and as it enjoys stable economy, the cost of living is comparatively lesser than many developed countries.

Post Study Options

After experiencing the charm of Singapore while studying, students wish to stay on and give a kick start to their career. There are many options for an international student to stay on and acquire employment opportunities once the student visa ends.

Work while studying:

Students who wish to work while studying can go for part time job of 20 hours a week during the study period and 40 hours during semester holidays. With the part time job, a student can earn usually $12 per hour. But make sure that students under Student’s Pass are not allowed to work during their studies at private school in Singapore.

Social Visit Pass:

If you wish to work in Singapore, then you should apply for work permit with a job offer in hand. But if you don’t have a job offer, then you can apply for social visit pass which will allow you to stay in the country for upto 12 months after the student permit inorder to search for a job. Inorder to apply for:

  • You should be a graduate from Singapore institute.
  • Completed immigration form 14.
  • Your passport must be valid for more than 6 months.
  • Your disembarkation/embarkation card which you receive when you enter Singapore.
  • Your existing Student Pass.
  • Recent passport size photograph.

You will have to pay SG$30 as fee at the time of application and additional fees depending on the circumstances. The average processing time for Social Visit Pass is around 6 weeks. But if you have only 10 days left for your student pass expiry then you are not eligible to apply.

Work Permit:

Once you get a job offer, your employer will make you eligible for the work permit. Your criteria for permit will depend on the salary being offered. And if you are a fresh graduate with fixed monthly salary of atleast SG$2,200 then you will have to apply for S Pass which your employer will need to apply to the Controller of Work Passes. If you have a job with a monthly salary of SG$3,300 then you will be eligible for Employment Pass. In both the cases, you are judged under a set of criteria which includes salary, qualifications, experience and any technical certificates (if any). Basically employers in Singapore are only allowed to employ a set of foreign candidates and before recruiting they need to appeal to the relevant authorities.

Bond Agreements:

Bond Agreements is basically the scholarships or funding programs offered by the company in Singapore which means that the candidate is eligible to work for them for a particular time period after your graduation. Depending on the bond agreement, if you wish to settle in Singapore then you might have to apply for different visa. In such case, you will be required to pay the fee and submit the required documents.

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