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Studying Engineering in a fast pace developing country like Singapore couldn’t get any better. With a variety of post graduate and undergraduate engineering courses to choose from, such as: Building Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, Business Information etc; Singapore also offers career opportunities that are flexible to the individual’s interests and needs. For instance: An imaginative and creative person can choose Design Engineering; while someone who likes laboratories and conducting experiments, they may consider Test Engineering. If one enjoys their science and mathematics classes, then these are most strongly resembled by the work of Analytical Engineers.

Future of hard working Engineers in Singapore:

Several industries and companies are seeking both skilled and freshly graduate engineers in several fields in Singapore. The posts of Associate Project Manager, Industrial Electrician, Project Manager, Intermediate Bridge, Bio medical engineer, Computer Science Engineer, Software Engineer etc always seem to be open. An average Engineer earns about 43,704 Singaporean dollars in a month.

Business/ Commerce:

With the growing number of institutes, colleges and universities in Singapore, several well established Universities are opening up affiliated colleges in Singapore. e.g.: London School of Business and Finance. The courses being offered at Singaporean institutes range from Accounting & Finance, Professional Accounting, Commercial Law, Finance, Entrepreneurship and innovation, Supply chain management, Economics, Property & Real estate etc.

Future of young Businessmen and Commercial Professionals in Singapore:

Several job openings for the post of a Commercial Lawyer, Stock Market Analyst, Mortgage Broker, Policy Analyst, Tax Auditor etc are available in Singapore. The salary range for a Tax Auditor in an SME as calculated in a survey by Hays (2010) would range from SD$60K to SD$90K;

Information Technology:

IT Management Association (ITMA), The Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF), International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology (IACSIT), Information Technology Management Association (ITMA) are associations established in Singapore working for the betterment of the Singaporean IT industry.

The Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) comprises of members ranging from local start-ups to established MNC’s and works with different stakeholders in the ICT industry to promote emerging technologies and ICT-related issues in areas such as Digital Media, Cloud Computing, Green IT, Wireless, Security and Governance. The Information Technology Management Association aims to provide members with a forum to exchange information, share experiences, socialize and build professional networks, provide IT leadership, harness IT Management best practices for the success of businesses, and to nurture new generations of CIOs.

Future of IT Professional in Singapore:

Several IT courses ranging from certifications, diplomas, undergraduate and post graduate degrees are available in Singapore for Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Technology Management, Information Technology etc. Some of these courses can even be taken in combination with business and management degrees. Several jobs are available in the Singaporean IT sector. Some of them being -Web Designer/ Developer, Programmer/ Database, Administrator, Project Manager, IT/ERP Consultant, IT Manager/ Team Leader, Application Specialist, Business Analyst, Hardware Design and Engineering, IT Quality Assurance, IT Technical Support, etc.

Art and Designing:

The land where the East meets the West - Singapore has developed into an exceedingly popular educational hub for Design and Fashion degrees. Several students are being drawn to this small yet dazzling country because of the quality, applicability, practicality, affordance and variety of degrees it has to offer. A study conducted by a Consortium of British Universities, led by the University of Cambridge and supported by the United Kingdom Design Council concluded that the Republic of Singapore ranks the best in International Design (2012). The Singapore government has been investing in design for the past 5 - 10 years, and is seeking to move the economy from being a primarily manufacturing center to a design one, and a large design services sector. “Being ranked number one in relative measurements alongside leaders such as the US and Japan is definitely an honour for Singapore," says the Design Singapore Council.

Future of gifted Artists and Designers in Singapore:

Like the States, Singapore offers similar courses in Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing & Branding, Fashion Design & Marketing, Design Communication, Broadcast Media, Animation, Interior Design, Audio Production, Fine Arts etc. Most of the design students are approaching the fast rising field of Brand and Design Consultation; wherein they are responsible for creating, enhancing and selling a brand image.

Health Sciences:

As Singapore faces the challenges of a fast growing ageing population and increasing demand for healthcare, they are looking forward to invite more international students and study programs specific to health sciences. By 2030, one in five residents or close to one million people in Singapore will be above the age of 65. Given this scenario; there is a critical need for well-qualified health science professionals to meet this demand. Health science professionals play a significant role in the holistic management of a patient’s healthcare needs. The Ministry of Health, National University Health System, National Healthcare Group, Singapore Health Services, Alexandra Health, Jurong Health Services and Eastern Health Alliance are currently offering scholarships to GCE 'A' level and Polytechnic Diploma students with excellent results to pursue health science courses in polytechnics or universities. As an MOH Holdings scholar, you can look forward to a challenging and rewarding career in our network of hospitals, polyclinics and healthcare institutions.