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Singapore is a small island state city which is bursting at the seams with attractions, activities and a vibrant lifestyle. Being a highly cosmopolitan country, it has raised buildings which leave very less space for the weather to explore the fabulous city. Singapore, being only a few hours away from other countries in Asia, becomes ideal for travelers interested in this region. The student’s experience of studying becomes very enjoyable with a variety of Spas, shopping malls, carnivals and the world's highest observation wheel - the Singapore Flyer. This cosmopolitan atmosphere and eye-soothing scenery attracts tourists along with the students, where the major tourist attraction stands for Singapore Food Festival, which is held every year in the month of July.

Singapore’s economy is considered as one of the “Four Asian Tigers” which means that it is one of those industrialized countries and is termed as one of the fastest developing countries of the world. Here, the majority of businesses are based on exports and refined export goods. These are the booming and most adopted occupations as they include refined petroleum, electronics, chemicals, biomedical sciences and mechanical engineering. The long listed shopping centers in Singapore as well as sophisticated beaches of Singapore for fun and recreation, which will surely make one go crazy about this lovable city. It is an ideal location for international student to study with low crime rates and high standard of living.