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The United Kingdom of Great Britain commonly known as the United Kingdom is a sovereign state in Europe. The UK has an area of 93,800 square miles, making it the 80th largest sovereign state in the world and the 11th largest in Europe.

The UK is a unitary state under a constitutional monarchy and Queen Elizabeth II is the head of the state of the UK. Moreover the UK has 3 different systems of laws: English law, Northern Ireland law and Scots law.

When it comes to healthcare, public healthcare is provided to all the permanent residents and is mostly free. They are paid by means of your taxes. While the political and operational responsibility of healthcare lies with 4 national executives: healthcare in England is the responsibility of the UK government, healthcare in Northern Ireland is the responsibility of the Northern Ireland Executive, healthcare in Scotland is the responsibility of the Scottish Government, and healthcare in Wales is the responsibility of the Welsh Assembly Government. Each National Health Service has different policies and priorities.

The culture of the United Kingdom is influenced by many factors but majorly it’s influenced by the British culture. Majority of people in the UK follow Christianity. The UK is described as cultural superpower while London is known as the world cultural capital.