International Student life in USA | USA student Life | Living in USA

International Student life in USA | USA student Life | Living in USA Life in USA

Americans offers an equal opportunity in life to all. They treat everyone fairly and with the same level of respect. This is the basic principle of American philosophy. Self entity and freedom to express are encouraged. Competition, another basic principle of American culture, brings out the best talent in people and in businesses. It is believed that you are responsible for your future and determining your future. Belief in luck or fate is not encouraged. They are proud of their individual achievements. They are open to change which they believe is necessary for development. Tradition is less valued in America compared to other cultures. They prefer to be honest and straightforward. In several cultures, it is termed as impolite to speak too directly. Americans prefer to speak openly, even when delivering bad news. Rationality is more important for them than emotions in decision making.

Americans love their country and are very patriotic. They also offer great respect to those who serve or have served in the armed forces. Americans are mostly busy compared to people in some other countries, but they aptly value what they have. Their high class life style is an evidence of their work culture. Whenever free they will prefer to spend time doing something for themselves, their families, or the community. The US government preserves large chunks of land and utilizes it for the enjoyment for all.

Weekends and vacations bring lot of activities. They enjoy outdoor activities the year round. Depending on the region, famous activities include hiking, mountaineering, sailing, skiing and camping.
There are more number of professional athletes  from the United States, participating in a larger number of international level of sports than any other nation. They love to watch sports. They also enjoy participating in sports, and there is plethora of leagues for players of all ages and skill sets.