Students benefit from Temporary Transition Period for Alberta Opportunity Stream

By introducing the Temporary transition period, the Government of Canada plans to help specified student applicants adapt its new List of Alberta Advanced Education Approved post-secondary Credentials. The list, which is a part of the new Alberta Opportunity Stream determines which credential programs at Alberta post-secondary institutions are approved for applicants holding a post-graduation work permit.

This list will help students find out whether their education and work experience is well-matched with the current skill shorts of Alberta. Under the transition period, international students who are admitted before October 1, 2018, to one-year entry-level certificate programs and post-graduate certificate and diploma programs that are not on the list now will still be considered for the Alberta Opportunity Stream as long as they meet all other requirements.

Students who are admitted on or after October 1, 2018, to a program that is not on the list will not be eligible to apply to the AINP with a Post-Graduation Work Permit. However, they can still apply to the Alberta Opportunity Stream if they are able to secure a Labour Market Impact Assessment-based work permit.


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