Higher education in Canada has evolved in recent years, thus making it an appealing destination for the students looking to study overseas. Canada is a multicultural society; is a tolerant nation making it one of the safest countries for International students.

Canada is comparatively affordable than the USA and many European countries. Besides providing top-notch education in world-class universities, Canada also allows students to work on-campus and off-campus helping the students to meet their expenses. These factors make Canada a preferred choice among India students looking to study abroad.

After the completion of the course, the students not only get a globally recognized degree but also get a ticket to apply for Canadian PR. If you too are planning to study in Canada, here is a list of Scholarships you may apply for.

  • Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program

Awarded annually by the International University of Toronto, this scholarship recognizes students with exceptional academic triumphs from around the world, including international students studying at Canadian high schools. The application for the scholarship closes in November.

  • International Leader of Tomorrow Award

This scholarship is awarded to high performing international undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need to study at the University of British Columbia. The students are also required to hold a proven record of exhibiting leadership qualities by participating in students’ welfare programs and community services. The application for the scholarship closes in December.

  • International Student Scholarship – The University of Ottawa

Students with a brilliant academic record who are able to demonstrate financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid and Awards Service of the University of Ottawa are eligible for this scholarship. The application will close in October.

  • Seneca Renewable Entrance Scholarship of Merit

The scholarship is awarded to 10 eligible international students enrolled at Seneca College for diploma or graduate certificate program. The application for this scholarship closes in October.

  • International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship: The University of Guelph

This grant is awarded to international students opting for post-secondary studies for the first time in the University of Guelph. The application for the scholarship closes in March.


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