Australian Cities Attract Indian Students

Australia has become the most favorable and promising option for Indian students seeking foreign education. In addition to its leadership in a large number of various study courses such as sports management and science, technology and scientific research and development, the country has given Indian students numerous more reasons to frame a strong foundation in the country.

The major facet of convenience for the students is the modest visa policies formulated by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for acquiring a student visa for Australia.  Below listed are the key visa policies in favor of international students:

  • The student visa assessment levels have dropped in the sense that now students are required to show financial funds for just 12 months of the study compared to that of 18 months earlier.
  • DIBP used to accept just the IELTS as evidence for English language proficiency. However, now it accepts PTE and TOEFL as well.
  • Graduate of bachelor’s and master’s coursework degrees can apply for a two-year work visa while it can be increased to three years for masters by research and to four years for Ph.D. graduates.

Furthermore, students while leaving for a new country expect fewer hurdles coming their way as they cope-up with the studies and livelihood all together in a new place. Here, Australia serves the students with some of the best cities in the world with a magnificent culture and lifestyle with a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities for relaxation and social growth. Factors that affect the choice of students are as below:

  • Adaptable Environment
  • Suitable Living Costs
  • Cutting Edge Academics

This not only reflects the staggering awareness among the Indians about brilliant overseas education opportunities that lie in Australia but also the favorable atmosphere of the country for them to grow and evolve. As per the survey records from 2015, about 12.1% out of the total student population in Australia are none other than our Indians students.

The 4 highly preferred trending study destinations in Australia by Indian students are:

  • Perth – With high employment prospects and innovative technology with an excellent education, it comprises of 100 religions with over 170 languages
  • Melbourne – Being one of the UNESCO’s Cities of Literature, art, and festivals, it is known as Australia’s sports capital.
  • Brisbane – Serving the students with praiseworthy safety and student-friendly accommodations, the city comprises of one of the world’s leading universities, the dining events, and festivals that are multicultural in nature.
  • Adelaide – the University of Adelaide has been listed in the top 1% universities amongst the foreign education applicants seeking personal and professional growth on a global level.

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