Australia is one of the most preferred destinations among International Students for overseas education. International education also represents Australia’s third largest export. In recent years, the country has witnessed considerable growth in the number of overseas students opting for education in Australia. A recent report released by the government of Australia states that in 2018, the country has registered a growth of 11.4% in the number of international students.

It is a consecutive double-digit growth for Australia following the growth of 12.6% recorded in 2017.

The number of International students in Australia has reached 693,750, which is 70,820 higher compared to the total number of international students enrolled in 2017. While a total of 876,400 enrollments have been recorded in Australian Universities and Colleges. The difference exhibiting between the total number of students and the total number of enrollment occurs owing to the fact that Australian institutes allow students to enroll for more than one program during a year.

Akin to 2017, in the year 2018, Australia has seen a growth in international students opting for higher education. Moreover, higher education contributed as the largest gains of 14.4% in 2018. Also, it is for the first time that the number of enrolments for the post-graduate program in Australia has surpassed the number of enrolment in undergraduate courses.

International Students Enrolment for Australia’s Five Sending Markets

Rank 2018Enrolment 2018Change Over 2017Market Share
China255,89610.9 %29.2 %
India108,29224.5 %12.4 %
Nepal52,24348.4 %06.0 %
Brazil40,86412.3 %04.7 %
Malaysia33,73003.2 %03.8 %

Analyzing the share of total foreign enrolment for Australia’s five successive markets it can be seen that Australia is placing a greater emphasis on diversification, with South Asia a priority region. Chinese students make the major share in the market with 29.2% followed by India and Nepal with 12.4% and 6.0% market share respectively. Going by trends of increasing enrolment, China can be seen contributing to a growth of 10.9% over 2017 to reach 255,895. India’s enrolment, on the other hand, has grown by 24.5% and reached 108,290.

Nepal ranks third as per the market share have registered a whopping number of enrollments with a growth of 48.4% over 2017. Also, if India and Nepal’s growth is combined it is more than that of China. In total, students from the top five sending markets make up 56% of all international students in Australia.


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