Biometrics Made Compulsory for all international students to Canada

According to the new regulations, all the applicants eligible for temporary permit including visitor visa, study or work permit, or permanent residency would have to go through the recently launched biometrics process. This recent step has been initiated against the concern expressed regarding the potential impact of the biometric installation.

The requirement has been expanded to Asia, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. As per the confirmation provided by IRCC, all the study permit applications including those from Visa-Exempt countries would have to provide biometrics while applying for initial permit. At CBIE 2018, Harpreet S. Kochhar, assistant deputy minister for Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada confirmed this step as a “fundamental change” to apply for visas abroad.

As an extension, Canada has plans to expand the worldwide network with 157 visa application centers in 105 countries by November 2019.


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