Canada improving the Biometric Requirement for Study Permits

For applicants of visitor visas, work permits, study permits, or permanent residency, Canada is increasingly using Biometrics. With effective from July 31, 2018, all applicants from countries in Europe, Middle East, and Africa will be required to supply an additional biometric information which include fingerprints and a photo.

This move make a notable improvement to the current biometric system used by the Canadian Government. As per the information circulated from IRCC, the visa applicants will receive a Biometrics Instructions Letter, which will advice as to how and where they must supply the biometric information.

This is in response to the dramatic increase in the volume of applications for Canadian visas in recent times. IRCC has reported an increase of 35% in January-June 2017 compared to the corresponding period in 2016. IRCC also indicated that the rejection rate for Canadian Study permit applications increased marginally from 30% to 32% in 2017 which demands for a better and more secure, as well as robust use of technology for individuals who enter Canada using either of the study permits.


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