Canada in Need of Full-time Skilled Worker across Industries

Top Universities in Canada unveiled their annual QS graduate Employability Ranking report for 2020. The ranking report comprise of highest rank universities around the world with a probability of getting a job after graduation. With the universities ranking around the world, EIGHT were the Canadian universities on the list.

However, the graduate employment rankings are based on several factors such as:

  • Whether or not the universities are offering networking option to its students with the future employers
  • Whether or not proper time and resources were invested towards the growth of student’s skills
  • Employers believes in producing the talented and competent graduates

Out of 750 institutions, eight Canadian universities were there in top 200 lists:

  • The University of Toronto ranked first in Canada and 12th worldwide with the most employable graduates
  • MIT ranked first worldwide; however, University of Toronto ranked ahead of MIT in terms of the best internship and work placement program
  • The University of Waterloo ranked second in Canada and 25th in the world
  • The University of Alberta and McMaster University ranked third and fourth in Canada
  • Apart from, Queen’s University, Western University, University of Calgary and Universite de Montreal were ranked under the top 200 list offering the best employability options.

Canada: The Most Preferred Destination for Indian Students

With millions of foreign students moving to Canada every year, Canadian universities have always been the prior choice to pursue education. Other reasons for choosing Canada as a study option are permanent immigration options, multi-cultural atmosphere, Post-study work permit opportunity, affordability and great student life with exposure to high-quality education

The open work permit option is one of the desired aims of every student. Once the student gain one year of working experience, they are eligible to apply for permanent residence through Canadian Experience Class (CEC) under the Express Entry category.

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