Canada’s federal budget 2019-20 has announced a significant investment for new international education strategy. The budget released on March 20, 2019, allocated a budget of CDN $147.9 million (US $110 million) for the initial five years to strengthen the education strategy.

However, the ‘Fall Economic Statement’ issued in the year 2018, had already mentioned that a new international education strategy will come into force and will be led by two Canadian ministries viz. Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

The funds allocated will be majorly used to promote Canada as an educational destination among the overseas students and prospective markets abroad. Furthermore, it will be used to fund a pilot program to boost outbound mobility for Canadian post-secondary students. The new international education strategy is a long term program and the budget has been envisioned accordingly. The said budget allocated for initial five years, post that, the new budget will also provide CDN $8 million per year (US$6 million), for the several functions related to the international education strategy.

Canada is among the leading countries that are preferred by international students. It has been significantly developing in the overseas education sector and has recorded an exceptional number of international students opting for education in Canada. The next thing Canada is concerned about is to diversify the source countries of international students.

Keeping this in view, two important themes emerging in Canada’s new international education strategy include:

  • Enhance diversity at Canadian Institutions by bringing in new countries for international recruitment, thus developing a diversified international enrolment base.
  • Since Canada has already met its goal of hosting 450,000 students by 2022; it will now focus on outbound mobility for Canadian students.

The fund allocation announced in Canada’s Federal Budget 2019-20 will accelerate the promotion of the country as an international education hub. Also, emphasizing on welcoming the diversified source countries will help to infuse myriad experiences and global perspective among students enrolled in Canadian institutes.

The hallmark of Canada’s success as a diverse society is based on the value of openness and inclusion. The country has always worked towards building overseas learning financially feasible for international students. Thus, prepare global citizens who work across borders, cultures, languages, and belief for mutual benefit.

The fund allocation announced in Canada’s Federal Budget 2019-20 has received accolades from all corners. The educational bodies in Canada have recognized the investment as a long-term commitment toward education sector.


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