Canada Named the Most Appealing Destinations for International Students

A research held by International Student Admission Service (ISAS) discovered that the number of international students aspiring to study in Canada has grown immensely since May 2017. ISAS polled 1700 students in August-September 2017 and found that 62 percent of students listed Canada as their first choice. In a similar poll carried out in April-May 2017, only 27 percent respondents viewed Canada as their first choice.

The top five reasons why students called Canada as their first choice are high academic rankings, plenty of job opportunities after graduating, safe, and secure environment, vibrant cultural life, and geographical beauty. The country’s improving economy and welcoming nature are also reasons for students seeking Canada as their primary destination. Some students also desire to be with a relative who already lived in the country. The United States of America was the second highest choice among students with over 42% of respondents desiring to study there. Europe was the next most popular with 16% followed by the UK and Germany. Respondents were asked a list of questions over the phone when they called the ISAS’ information center. The answers came in freely, and Europe was ranked as the third most desirable destination and then more specific countries like UK and Germany are featured. Some students also named more than one country as their preferred destination for abroad study.


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