Canadian Study Permit: Reason for Refusal

Pursuing a degree from an internationally recognized degree is a dream of many students. Especially, Canada is the dream destination for international students to get into. 

When you receive the letter of acceptance from a Canadian university, it seems that everything is sorted. However, it can be a lot harder to get a Study Permit approved by Immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) even after receiving a letter of acceptance. 

Below are the Reasons why your Study Permit may be refused:

Financial Incapable:

When you proceed for a Study Permit application, you need to demonstrate that you are financially stable. You need to provide financial documents showing you have enough money to pay for the trip to Canada, tuition fees, and support yourself throughout your proposed program.

Planning to Stay Even after Completion of Studies:

A Study Permit is a temporary visa, which has a validity period and an expiration date. In your Study Permit application, you have to convince that you will get back to your native place after the completion of your education. However, you may apply for permanent visa programs designed by the Canadian Government in the future.

Unavailability of Travel or Identity Documents:

If you are unable to display complete record of your travel history or if your identity documents are not valid, IRCC may refuse your Study Permit application. IRCC must be able to identify if in case, you are medically or criminally inadmissible to Canada. 

What Can I do if my Study Permit Application is Not Approved?

If your Study Permit application is rejected by IRCC, you can…

  • Appeal for the refusal or,
  • Address the reason due to which it refused in new application

Overall, make sure to present all the required documents with valid proof and easy to read. With all your correct documents, your way to study Canada is just a once step away.  


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