Changes in Funds requirement for Study in Germany

According to the foreign student information portal, there is a change in the funds or financial requirements for foreign students in Germany.

By September 1st, foreign students who are seeking to migrate to Germany will be required provide proofs that they have enough financial support throughout their stay. A minimum amount of €10, 236 (INR 7.8 Lakh) is necessary in order to apply for Germany study visa.” – Added, foreign student information portal.

“The immigration authorities said there will be no residence permit allowed to students. Also, universities deny the enrollment of the students lacking to fulfill the required funds to live and study in Germany’ – said, portal.

The students, who meet the criteria of depositing the required figure, will have to deposit the amount in specialized blocked accounts. This account facility is specifically proposed for such students which will be managed prior to their arrival in Germany.  Plus, the accounts can only be accessible once the student will be registered with local authorities.

The withdrawal limit for the account is also being raised from €720 to €853 each month.


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