Increasing Number of Students Choosing Poland for Higher Studies

Increasing number of students are choosing to study in Poland. These students are drawn towards the high quality international education, low tuition-fees, and affordable cost of living. Poland, which is located on the Northern European plain serves as a bridge between eastern and western cultures of Europe. Today, Poland is one of the largest of the former European states and the newest most populated member of European Union.

Like many EU countries, Poland is inexpensive and provide free or low cost tuition to EU students. For example, English language courses offered at the University of Warsaw cost between £1,300 and £2,500 per year. The low cost of living makes Poland one of the best countries for international students who wish to pursue higher education on a budget.

International students are eligible to work in EU/EEA countries post completion of their study on a work-permit. In addition, most students who return to their home country or the ones who choose to stay in other European Union countries find jobs with much higher pay than they could earn in Poland.


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