Denmark Holds the Best Higher Education System

Universitas 21 is a network of research-intensive universities working to nurture global citizenship and institutional innovation through quality teaching and learning. Every year, Universitas 21 creates a U21 Ranking of National Higher Education Systems Report.

Total 50 national systems of higher education are taken into consideration into four modules i.e. Resources, Environment, Connectivity, and Output examining several institutions within a nation. An overall ranking is obtained by integrating the module scores out of 100.

Denmark reclaims rank in top 5

In the new 2019 rankings, Denmark has ranked at number 5 combining the rank metrics of 4 for Resources, 22 for Environment, 5 for Connectivity and 5 for output.

Under the Resources category, Denmark has acquired rank fifth for government expenditure as a part of GDP share and 17th for total expenditure.

Denmark is considered first for spending on research and development by Tertiary Institution and second for the number of national researchers per head of population.

Under the Connectivity Module, Denmark has achieved the rank of fourFifth For joint publications with industry, and seventh for joint publications with international authors.

In the Output, Denmark is ranked first for publications per head of population and third for the standard of university. 

Denmark manages its overall rank of Fifth when modification takes place on different levels of GDP per capita.


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