Essentials to Study in Canada

Well, there remains no doubt that Canada has become the most popular and demanded destination for international students to pursue education. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), the prime reasons why students choose Canada as a preferred destination for education are – Canada’s high-quality education system, Non-discriminatory society and being a reputed and safest country. 

Moreover, the Canadian government’s for post-study work permission and multiple programs to get permanent residency has made the country utmost preferable for the students to migrate.   

If you are one of those moving to Canada for your further studies, here are some essential things you will need in Canada. 

  • An acceptance Letter from a Designated Learning Institution

The very first step before moving to Canada is to get an acceptance letter form a Designated Learning Institution (DLI). DLI is approval by the Canadian provincial government to host international students to study in the selected institute.

All the primary and secondary schools in Canada are considered as Designated Learning Institutions. While taking admission to a Canadian university, College, Vocational School, or CEGEP, make sure the institutes are on the lists. All in all, the letter of acceptance is proof of acceptance for a study permit.

  • A Study Permit

Having a study permit from a designated learning institution in Canada assures a legal authorization for a student to study. The study permit holders must have to abide by the eligibility requirements and the requirements that must be met while in Canada.

To be eligible for the study permit, a candidate requires having acceptance letter, proof of funds, and required documents in the country. To fulfill the permit requirements, international students must be enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution, must follow the conditions listed on their study permit, and must leave Canada when their permit expires.

  • Proof of Identity

You and your family members accompanying you must hold a valid proof of identity. The identity proof must allow you to return to the country. Also, a passport used as a proof of identity must not be due to expire within six months of travel.

  • Proof of Funds

To receive a Canadian study permit, candidates must have to showcase sufficient funds to support themselves and their family members during their stay in the country. Sufficient funds must cover the cost of tuition and living expenses for the first year if study.

  • Health Coverage

All international students will need to have health insurance while studying in Canada. Certain provinces cover international students under their provincial healthcare plans, and in others, students must arrange for private health insurance coverage. Many Canadian universities offer insurance plans through the school, the cost of which is added to tuition fees.

If you are the one seeking to move to Canada for your further studies, talk to our expert team of professionals for further information on student VISA immigration.


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