Students are unaware of fast-track degrees – NARIC

As per the report by IFF Research and UK NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centre), international students are unaware about the various options related to studying the UK Accelerated degrees and they also identified a greater international market potential outside Europe. The survey of 1,164 international respondents found 59% were unaware about the UK Accelerated degrees, although 44% would consider studying fast track degree. The report calls for the sector to present the benefits of accelerated degrees more clearly and widely.

Accelerated degrees allow students to continue studying through summer months, therefore reducing the time of the courses. However, accelerated degrees account for only 0.2% of undergraduate enrolments. The survey also found that 56% of respondents believe the government in their home country recognizes the UK one-year master’s degree, and 77% would consider studying the UK one-year master’s degree.

The main two reasons cited for studying a one-year master’s degree were that they are provided by prestigious UK universities and the time it saves as the course only takes one year to complete. The potential cost saving only accounted reasons giving by 16% of respondents.


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