Overseas Education: Changing Trends and Favorable Factors at Play

With the changing trends and the number of factors available in the coming days, students have received abundant factors to consider their overseas education. To begin with, the ranking of the college or university has become less important compared to other factors such as cost of living, employment options post studies, education quality, and the university location. Due to the ever-changing factors of university consideration, students have developed maturity in terms of choosing their college education; in the previous years, students only favored their ‘Dream Destination’ or ‘Dream College’ while selecting their further education, but currently, they have begun considered other favorable factors as well.

The survey was conducted by one of the leading education search portal, where they have helped more than 32,000 students from over the globe to select their desirable education, on the basis of their age, qualification, and foreign language score. According to the prospective students, they mainly consider three factors while selecting a college, starting from – Cost of Living, Quality of Education, and the least preference was given to School Ranking. On the completion of the survey, the website came to a conclusion based on the following factors:

Quality of Education – According to the survey, the students preferred that teaching quality as one of the highest factors, and, they valued the teaching quality 45% more times than a ‘high-ranking college’.

Cost of Living – Studying overseas is a tough decision; a lot of factors play a major role in a student’s life. One of them has been positively considered as ‘Cost of Living’. The students favored 118% towards Cost of Living, thus beating ‘high-ranking college’.

On the basis of the survey and the students’ preferences, we can come to a conclusion for the most desirable destinations for overseas education are as follows:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Switzerland

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