How to Find Part-time Jobs in Poland

The International Student Enrollment to Poland has increased over the period of time. Also, the change in regulations made by Polish Government enables international student’s easy access to part-time jobs; they need to have any special permission. However, the way of finding jobs in Poland solely depends on what kind of work you are looking for. International Students need to get the residential card before making any job application. In case the student has received any job offer and he/she is making the application for residence card; you have to apply for work residence card as well, which is very hard to secure. One of the major criteria of landing in part-time job is to have good communication skills in English, German, Spanish, French, and Polish. There are many organizations in Poland which prefer candidates who speak English.

In addition to making applications to polish websites, student can also search for part-time jobs by approaching their career office of their University/College. Every Polish institute has a career service, which provides assistance to students to get a job and internship options relevant to their field of study. Usually, institutes in Poland do organize job fairs wherein employers recruit students.


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