Your First Week in Canada

With all your hard work to get admission to study abroad in Canada, finally you have the opportunity to achieve international degree.

So, what next? Well, there are several things you will need to set up as early as possible to make yourself comfortable over there. Here is the checklist comprise of some major tasks that you will face in the initial weeks.

Just make yourself comfortable

Once you reach your new residence, you may feel uncomfortable as you will be in a different culture with new people around. So, you have to make yourself feel good anyhow. To divert your mind, you can just go for shopping. New clothes, Grocery, Bed sheets, Cosmetics, etc. are the things you might need to buy.  

Besides, don’t forget that your roommate will be your new friend with whom you have to coordinate the things throughout your stay. So, make yourself comfortable and try to involve with as many people as possible that will keep you up. 

Register at your University/College

Once you arrive at your destination, the second step is to visit your institute at the most prior to register and enroll yourself. As you will be the international student visiting first time to the institute, it’s important to meet the administration department to collect your student ID and get other relevant information regarding classroom, faculties, public transit, stationary, café, etc.

With this, you also need to set-up a new mobile number. There are several cell providers with an entire guide on choosing a cell plan. Some larger service providers may have their booths on campuses even during the orientation week. So, as a newcomer, you can easily get a cell phone with the required data plan.

Further, you may also need to open a bank account, and to open a bank account Canadian local phone number is mandatory. Among many national branches, you can choose to open an account as per your need.   

Explore New Student Life

The Canadian institutes organizes Orientation week, which is also known as Frosh Week before the start of academic year to welcome new students. The orientation week is full of activities; meet-ups, informative sessions and much more. 

So, this will be the time to get socialize and initiate yourself to strengthen your networks as this will help you coordinate in your further academics. 

Get Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Social Insurance Number (SIN) is the key to get a job in Canada including filing your taxes and receiving several other benefits. Being a Canadian study permit holder, you may work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and increase the hours in scheduled breaks.  

 To apply for a SIN, your study permit must state that“you may accept employment”ormay workin Canada.Once you get the statement, you have to get the study permit and university/college enrollment documents verified by the Service Canada Office. The SIN is usually issued on the same day with no additional cost.

Get Organized

By now you are probably going to get settled with all your essential requirements around you. Though you have a long list of things need to be fulfilled but, you have managed yourself a lot with needy things around you. Now, it’s the time you should hand out with your friends, explore the food, culture, or anything you are a desire to experience in a city of your dreams.

Lastly, you have had dealt with many things around you in just a one week of the time period. You might be feeling detached from your surroundings. And, that is obvious as you are in a new country far from your native place and your loved ones. However, feeling detached is a common thing faced by several international students who moved out from their native place.  Immersing yourself in a new lifestyle and environment might be hard but, that’s a common concern and a temporary trauma.

The best way to involve in a new place is to spend time to check out Course curriculum, spend time in University Library, Explore YouTube videos, Converse with your friends, and of course, in the meantime, you can Skype home.

Overall, enjoy the moment you have got and explore things as much as you can. The major objective you have come to Canada is to pursue your education, so here is the time to strengthen your academics and achieve a successful career.     


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