Overseas Education: Credit goes to Career Inspiration

The season kick-starts with great enthusiasm for overseas universities and college admissions; where the admissions procedures have seen a positive inclination towards cross-border studies. According to the educationalist and varied consultants, the key factor for the abroad education points towards career prospects. With numerous employment opportunities, work experience, co-op programs, and internships held during and after college education; many students prefer to study overseas to gain experience and results in the major reason for abroad education.

The trend among students to go abroad has gone up due to better employment opportunities. Naturally, the admissions are impacted as state youth is not willing to study here. It is become necessary to provide multi-specialized courses to students to keep their interests motivated and provide employment security for future growth and development.

Also, the employment conditions of our country are humbly lower in comparison to most of the countries; thus, one major concern is the education fees paid towards colleges and universities in India are not only high but, also, do not offer comparatively appropriate jobs. The same concerns are rightly portrayed by a renowned educationalist-cum-social activist, Swaraj Grover, “The education system needs a big overhaul. We need job opportunities as even engineers and doctors are unemployed. Parents invest high amounts of money on their children’s education but there are no jobs, as a result, both parents and children are looking abroad as an option.”

The colleges and institutes are getting highly affected by the increasing trend of choosing IELTS and other foreign testing centers rather than pursuing higher education in own country. They have stressed over the changing trends and are now continuously working towards increasing their quality of education and securing a good stand in the student’s minds. They intend to upsurge their education system to attract more and more students to reside and pursue studies in India rather than opting for foreign education.


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