Free Education in Germany: Pros and Cons

Germany is seeking a substantial number of international college students to apply to its colleges and universities to pursue their career. The territories from which international students are eligible are from Asia, America, and Africa.  

In 2014, the Germany Government has eliminated the tuition fees for domestic and international undergraduate students studying at public German universities. With just a small fee for administration and costs per semesters will only be required.

In 2016, the statistics shows that more than 350, 000 international students have pursued study in German Universities, and expected to surpass figure in 2020.

Studying in Germany

Even though education is minimal, international students still need to pay money to attend a Germany University. According to German Visa Officials – German cities like Munich, want their employees to obtain a C1 level in German language. Obtaining C1 level assures that one can understand texts, speak fluently without expressions and understand the explicit meaning. 

Even to get small jobs like a waiter or cook in a restaurant, there needs the German language to be pronounced for communication.


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