Germany Attracts Huge Number of Indian Students

Germany has been a center of attraction for Indian students to pursue education program. As per the latest enrollment data issued, “India is a third most popular country to prefer Germany for pursuing further education.”

Even the data of 2017/2018 winter semester says – there were around 17,570 Indian students were attending programs in a German university; which 48 % is more than three years ago is.

According to foreign student information portal, the student often faces concern during application processing is in the German Student Visa due to lack of proper information. For this, the systematic guide has been issued to help Indian student to apply for German student visa.

According to law, every non-EU nationals must get a visa to enter Germany to stay more than 90 days. In addition, Indians must get a student and language course visa to get permission to study in Germany.

Once getting an admission letter from the institute where one has applied, the student has to reach to the German embassy located to a nearby area in India, where they can get comprehensive set of information about all the procedures. 

Types of Visa you need to Study in Germany from India:

There are several types of visa issued by German embassy including – Tourist & visitor visa, Working visa, Business visa, Studying & Language learning visa etc. In accordance to this, German visa are divided into:

  • Short-term visas
  • Long-term visas

As one will be applying for the education purpose, therefore student will have to apply for long term visa which is also known as D visa.


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