IELTS Exam: Tips to Score Higher for Academic Students

The International English Language Testing System is a well-known English language proficiency test conducted by the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education Australia. The exam is an English test that once cleared open up opportunity international study, work, and migration.  

The IELTS has accepted over 9000 organizations with more than 135 countries as a purpose of opportunity to migrate abroad.

Types of IELTS Exam:

Generally, there are two types of exams namely IELTS Academic and IELTS general training.

IELTS Academic – Is specifically for those who are seeking higher education. The exam assesses the English language potency to check out whether one can able to learn and train among the English speakers.

IELTS General – Is organized for those who are seeking to move to English speaking countries for secondary education or work experience. People migrating to international countries (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK) require producing IELTS score.

Achieving good score in IELTS is quite easy if you are well versed with the English Language i.e. reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Each of these aspects, if prepared thoroughly in detail, scoring in IELTS is no more a difficult task.   

Speaking Test

The speaking score is calculated based on the speaking exam conducted through a face-to-face round of interview by a certified examiner. The whole process comprises of introduction, interviews and long conversation. The candidates are sorted based on their fluency, accuracy, pronunciation, and level of grammar.

Tips to score in the speaking test:

  • Learn to read and create information and start giving a presentation as much as possible
  • Listen carefully and deliver your ideas in an organized manner
  • Avoid using fancy words
  • Speak fluently with zero hesitation

Reading Test

The success rate in reading score totally depends on your ability to read, understand, and analyze the content provided. The 60-minute test is conducted that requires you to read 3 passages and reply to the questions.

Tips for scoring in the reading test:

  • Practice regularly to get familiarize with the type of question or content to be replied
  • Get habitual of writing the content on paper
  • Get habitual of reading and conversing in groups

Writing Test

The IELTS writing test comprises of 2 tasks. One of which involves writing a report using data charts and pictorial representation. The second task comprises of writing argument based content on a particular subject.

Tips to score in writing the test:

  • Write a formal content
  • Avoid giving a personal opinion in the content
  • Use short and accurate sentences
  • Make sure to cover every possible aspect

Listening Test

The listening IELTS exam requires candidates to write down the audio-based content. The test is for assessing the listening and comprehension skills from the audio content.

Each section of tests needs the consistent practice of language learning. Plus, more you participate in the mock tests; more confident you will be to get through the exam.

Tips to score in the listening test:

  • Consistently practice listening English of varied accents
  • Get perfect to spell out right pronunciation
  • Be attentive toward the word limit

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