Things Indian students must consider before opting for a foreign degree

The number of Indian students opting to study abroad has been steadily increasing over the years. Despite being home to acclaimed universities, India is one of the leading countries when it comes to students leaving the country to win an international degree.

Reports suggest the number of Indian students studying abroad was around 27,000 in 2011 which reached a whopping figure of 5 Lakhs in 2017. However, this surge in number of students getting enrolled in foreign universities does not guarantee that students are getting through the best of universities or picking the right course to boost career opportunities for themselves.

It has been observed that many Indian students are getting enrolled in foreign universities where not many Indian students were enrolled before. Many of these students wish to study abroad but pursue career in India. However, many a times, the degree they have is either not recognized or not valid in India. This makes all the efforts made to enroll in an international university or college futile.

Such incidents are an alarm for students seeking education opportunities abroad. Before taking a plunge, students must get the course evaluated and assess the value of degree in India or any other country where they plan to build a career.

However, this doesn’t mean one must abstain from setting foot to study abroad and get global exposure. All that the students are required to do is to consider the followings points:

Medical Degree: Medical is a popular field of study picked by Indian students. There are many countries and international universities offering medical programs, but not all degrees are equally treated in India.

Students enrolled in acclaimed medical colleges in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are allowed to start practice in India without sitting for any screening test conducted by Medical Council of India (MCI).  However, students opting to study medical in Asian, Eastern Europe and Eurasian countries will have to qualify test by MCI or qualify NEET, which definitely is not a cake walk.

Engineering Degree: Global recognition of Indian engineers has made engineering a popular stream of study in India. Many students in recent years have opted to study in Russia and China, due to comparatively low fees and world-class infrastructure.

Before applying students must be aware, these courses may or may not get an equivalency certificate from the Association of India Universities (AIU). It’s advisable to pick a course offered in countries whose degrees are acceptable in India and globally. This can be easily done by consulting overseas education experts.

Important: The main catch irrespective on any field of study is that the course should be either recognized or considered equivalent by AIU. In case after completing a course from International University the student is willing to pursue a doctorate in India or take up a government job, they have to ensure that their degree qualifies the eligibility criteria for the exams and jobs. 


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