Count of Indian Student Goes Up in Canada

September 13, 2019 – According to the data from Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC), there has been a drastic growth in number of international students moving to Canada over the last year. 

According to the news, there were 572, 000 foreign students in 2018 which is an excellent figure building Canada as the prior choice to pursue education. 

The number of international students moving to Canada for educational purpose rose by 16.25 percent in 2018 and has seen a rise of 73 percent over the past five years.  

Livia Castellanos, University of Regina’s Chief International Officer said in her statement, “Demographics use to change every couple of years. A few years ago, the major demographic rise seen were of Nigerian students; then we had the Saudi Arabian students and now, it’s the Indians students setting their destination as Canada for education and immigration purpose.

“Among the other countries, India has set a benchmark when it comes to a fast-growing population in Canada. Most of the international population (84 percent) largely occupies British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario. With that, only 2 percent population prefers Saskatchewan – Castellanos said.   

Castellanos stated that the quality of education is standard around the country and our students enjoy the environment and small size classrooms. Students have also seen taking an interest in our UR programs. The UR program allows students to come back for a year of undergraduate classes free of charge if they are unable to secure employment within the six months of graduation. 


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