Important Points to Write a Statement of Purpose

Are you seeking to move abroad for further education? Then it’s the time again to bring up those college days where you use to approach to professors for a letter of recommendations, drafting personal statements, and so on.

The Statement of Purpose (SOP) remains the most important element of the admission process. The SOP is everything that allows the admissions committee to see your overall academic background and intentions to study abroad.  SOP generally comprise of candidate’s goals, personal interests, academic progress, and aspiration for a chosen career path.

With loads of applicants’ impressive SOP’s with high GPAs and test score, it becomes difficult for the admission committee to decide which candidate to accept and reject. This is the major reason, why admission committees emphasize on presentation of Statement of Purpose.

A well-written SOP with clear objectives and intention is really essential to get approval in the desired university and is the only chance to assure the committee why you should be accepted to pursue education abroad.

If you are one of those who are about to create SOP to approach particular university or already received refusal notification, below are some of the points you must take care of to get your purpose convert into acceptance.    

Point #1

Focus on Storytelling

How often you spend time to read a lengthy article or detailed news? Generally, you don’t as it doesn’t appeal to you. However, it’s not the same as the stories you read. The way you interestingly spent time reading a novel or watching a movie has the reason behind it. An appealing story, that connects you mentally and emotionally.

Similarly, writing a purpose in just a documented form will not make any difference to the committee unless your statement comprises of creative storyline that lets reader understand your purpose instantly. The admission committee goes through thousands of application each day; to make your SOP stand out you need to showcase a purpose that connects.

Point #2


Another important point to follow while writing a unique SOP is to keep your language precise. Committee doesn’t want you to show off academic purpose. So, try to create a statement that communicates your message effectively with up to the mark information.

Point #3

Honesty is the Best Policy

The statement of purpose let you express the problems you have faced in your academics. For examples – if you have faced backlogs in your subjects you can definitely mention the reason for such failure along with how you have overcome and cleared the examination successfully. Just make sure, to be honest and provide actual reasons that led you to the problems.

Point #4

Purpose with Detail

Before writing the statement of purpose, make sure you have all the detailed information about the university you are applying to. Through your statement let the admission committee know about why you have chosen a particular university and what will be the career advantage if you get a chance to study. So, get each and every piece of information about the university you intend to take admission.

Once you complete you are done with a statement of purpose, just go through the document thoroughly and make sure everything you have written is perfect and up to the mark. Your Statement of Purpose is the first impression in front of admission committee, so make sure to present the perfect one. If you don’t want to take a chance, it’s better to approach the professional visa immigration company who ensures success.


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