Graduate Student Choice: Lead Initiatives in Montreal city

An initiative of Montreal city is cultivating towards attracting international graduates with programs like “Stay in Scotia”. A Canadian sector is leading an answer to the question of what to do and where to go after studying abroad. Montréal International is the city’s own international development agency, which hopes to boost the city and wider region’s attractiveness to international business. The organization has launched “Je Choisis Montréal“, or “I Choose Montréal” in English, along with institutional and industry partners, as well as the Ministry of Immigration (Québec). The project intends to connect students through cultural and social activities in the surrounding area along with providing recruitment advice and assistance for graduates and immigration aspirants.

The power of the startup industry’s pull towards the city is shown by programs like the Holt Fintech Accelerator, which attract firms from around the world to Montréal this year. Although the francophone-first nature of Québec will naturally attract many French students, as UQAM and other institutions already do, but range of graduate voices portrayed on the campaign’s website makes it clear the aim is much broader, and the city hopes to attract truly global talent to the multi-lingual and historically multi-cultural city.


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