London: World’s Best City for Students

Second time in a row, London has been ranked as the world’s best student city in the QS Best Student Cities Ranking. The institutes here are recognized as the best centers to pursue high-quality education with high-quality employer activity and student diversity.

“It is no surprise that London is popular among the students and ranked as the best city to pursue education from leading institutions with vibrant cultural life.” – said, Sadiq Khan, London Mayor. 

“This shows that London is always open to impart opportunities by welcoming students from across the globe” – he added further. 

The research unveils that students find those cities valuable which offers an integrated experience, quality education, opportunity to nurture interpersonal connections, employment opportunities and strong academic standards,” said, QS spokesperson Jack Moran to – THE PIE.

“Despite a culturally-rich, clean and affordable city, if it still doesn’t have world-class universities, it will not restrict student’s interest to study.” – He further said.

The major reason that enables a student to take decision to study abroad is the University’s quality, Moran added.  Moran further commented by giving an example, “Los Angeles is one of the cities that have been into limelight from the student view. The reason he expressed is due to the employment opportunities, university quality including its high scores on tolerance and inclusion.”


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