Students look for careers that lead to desired results

Over 2/3 of the students are said to consider the availability of the program they desire to study as compared to about 24% others who consider the destination instead of the program to study abroad. Only 9% students had intentions to study in a specific university or college. The students take into consideration many more characteristics to study abroad. Many times, students take into consideration the student satisfaction ratio instead of studying at a branded college/university. In addition, when a student is asked about their biggest concerns in study abroad, they mention the cost of living, availability of scholarship, safety, finding accommodation, and getting a job. Moreover, despite the widespread idea that international students are wealthy, 56% respondents say their annual household income is less than $25000. As per sources, students should consider job opportunities post study in the country of their study to easily be able to learn skills at an international level and receive an experience that can serve them in the global scenario.


Foreign Education


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