Recent update in H1-B system favors high degree holders in US

Recent amendment the Department of Homeland Security has proposed to update the ongoing H-1B visa application system. The amendment likely would increase the intake of US Master’s degree and higher beneficiaries. The estimated change is calculated at that 16%, or equivalent of 5,340 graduate workers.

The step has been taken keeping in mind the “Buy American and Hire American” punch line, which means that the visas to be awarded to the most skilled and highest-paid petition beneficiaries. Via this visa application, the US employers would be able to employ foreign workers for a range of skilled occupations for six years at a stretch. The cap limit of the intake is 65,000 visas per fiscal year with an additional 20,000 for advanced degree holders from the US institutions. In the year 2017, 198,460 petitions subject to cap were received.


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