New Changes Implemented to Work Rights for International Graduated by New Zealand

A new set of work rules will be applicable to students travelling to New Zealand for study purpose. The New Zealand government has implemented the rules to balance two important goals i.e. reducing net immigration and encouraging skilled immigrants to join the labour force of the company. Most importantly, this includes students who have:

  • Completed a non-degree course of fewer than two years will not be able to work in New Zealand.
  • Completed Level 7 Degree (Bachelor’s) or above will be eligible for 3 years of work with any employer in New Zealand.

As per 2016 International Student Barometer;

  • About 41% of the students wish to stay in New Zealand, which is up by 35% since 2014.
  • As per comparison, just 22% of international students in other countries plan to stay in those countries after study.
  • 89% of international students say that an important factor in coming to New Zealand was long-term employment or chances of permanent residence.

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