New Zealand faces Delay in the Student Visa Processing Process

There is a huge delay in student visa processing from overseas education, particularly in India. The educational minister announced to make amendments in the vocational education sector.

High-risk student visa application from India is seeing a huge delay in the visa application process across New Zealand, NZ.

According to the report, the majority of student visa applications received in November 2018 are the risk prospects. Majority of student visa application processed in the Mumbai are considered at high-risk. Of the 3800 number of visa applications, only 16 percent application was at low risk since November 2018. The reason identified for disapproving the visa applications was due to the fraudulent in the application and insufficient documents required as per the immigration terms.

The Institute of Technology and Polytechnic (ITP) claims that there will be loss of $70 million this year due to delay in visa processing of high-risk student visa application raising from New Zealand based Mumbai immigration office.

In addition, the new figure is expected to be lost in the first semester is around $33m and $37m to be in loss for the second semester. Due to such delay in education visa process caused New Zealand reputational damage on the other hand.

The education minister Chris Hipkins said, ‘They were aware such delays in visa processing would cause a widespread delay. And, the government is currently under planning to review the vocational education sector and sort out the solution ASAP.’ 

As per the report, some of the polytechnics and private training establishments (PTEs) were underperforming as a result of which government is now planning to integrate training institutes into a single entity. Since November 2018, only five percent of all offshore student visa applications for ITPs and seven percent for PTEs were considered low risk. In comparison, 54 percent of ITP applications are considered high risk and 37 percent for PTEs.

According to the parliament response to Shane Reti, ‘The visa processing issue is due to the volume of applications receiving into New Zealand’s Mumbai office. In the initial month of July, there were around 2000 unassigned poly tech applications, but, meanwhile, 200 student visa poly tech applications were withdrawn in-between six months till July.’

With that, the average processing time was 42 days in February and 66 days in July in the Mumbai office.  Reti further added, ‘this increase in the visa processing was causing the medical certificates to expire before the application was processing.’

Immigration Minister Lain Lees-Galloway said he has asked immigration New Zealand to keep this issue at top priority to get the issue solved. “The government seriously needs to address the visa processing concerns as soon as possible in Mumbai with accountability to eliminate such extensive delays in processing the applications.


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