Social Media and Websites – The Ultimate Source of Assistance for International Students

Any individual seeking a foreign education traverses through a number of facts and questions in order to build up and plan a soothing career prospect for his/her future. The generation – Y is reaching its peak, collaborating with numerous people across the globe through digital media; which include majorly organization websites and social media.

There has been a surge in a number of students seeking higher education in other countries; wherein websites play an important role for students looking for admission in international universities. Recently, the world’s largest pre-enrolment survey of international students gathered data on how students use a range of information, what information are they looking for and how social media use is changing. Online networking applications are interfacing individuals free of cost and encourage the sharing of data in various organizations; which has made the process of knowledge sharing far feasible.

The prime factors are taken into consideration by the prospective international students while undertaking the research includes:

  • Employment outcomes;
  • Information on working while studying and work opportunities in the host country after graduation;
  • Cost of living, tuition, accommodation, and scholarship/financial aid information;
  • Guidelines on visa and university applications that are easy to understand;
  • Student testimonials and reviews regarding everything from what it’s like to study at the university and in a host country to teaching quality.

With upcoming innovations over websites, online interaction with the staff and alumni facilitates students with gaining a clearer picture for their questions. Moreover, a great majority of students said that social media applications like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn play a vital role in sorting various confusions. The consequence here is that students are often seeking a general sense – which we could even ponder a gut feeling – of whether a school is a right fit for them.


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