Fascinating Opportunities Overseas – 2019

With rapidly emerging globalization, students are busy figuring out the best course and universities overseas to pursue higher education. After the US, UK, and Canada, the most preferred countries by Indian students are Australia and the EU. Surveys and statistics claim that Indian students will be working more towards grabbing international education opportunities in the coming years. The most chosen study streams including STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), software engineering to computer programming and accounting to statistics are subjected receiving profitable job opportunities post completion of the degrees.

Unconventional subjects like marine engineering, geophysics, game design, and development are being shown high interests by international students in the US as these interdisciplinary courses are hardly available in their home countries. On the other hand, specialized courses categorized under industrial technology are evolving promptly with decent job opportunities. These subjects can be listed down to automation, machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence). Besides disability programs and infection control courses are suspected to be popular among Indian students abroad.

The top-rated countries enlisted for gaining higher education for Indian Students based on the previous surveys are stated below:

  • The US

Indian students comprise 17% of the total student population in the US with 186,000 students earlier this year per USIEF (United States – India Educational Foundation). Indian students target the universities in North America in 2019, strengthening their career prospects.

  • Canada

Canada securing its students’ future by granting them opportunities for a work permit, makes it the second preferred favorite study destination after the US. There has been a noteworthy rise in the number of India applying for a student visa for Canada and the number is expected to go higher the next year.

  • Australia

2018 had been reported with a high number of Indian students opting for a master’s degree in Australia paving ahead a pathway for permanent residency. The new regions such as Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, and Northern Territory have come into scenario among the favorite student destinations. 

  • The UK

The government after noticing an alarming drop in the number of international students resulted due to the strict immigration laws; it is now working on the inflow for the same. With reintroducing the revised post-study work visa policies, the government aims at the relatively higher assurance of international education admissions in the country.

  • Other European Countries

Adding into the highly – desired destinations by Indian students, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, and a few other countries have come upon a prior list.


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