With strict visa restrictions and increasing intolerance for international students in the USA, Indian students have drifted their choice when selecting a destination to study abroad. At present, Canada and Australia are emerging as the new popular destination among students opting for overseas education.

Canada’s new international education strategy aims for 450,000 students by 2022. Thus, the government with its lucrative policies has been attracting international students.

Canada has always been a popular choice among Indians for immigration and has now established as a popular education destination.

Talking of Australia, in recent years the country has witnessed considerable growth in the number of overseas students opting for education in Australia. In 2018, the number of International students in Australia has reached 693,750 while it was 622,930 in 2017.

This development is a result of several factors that have contributed to position both Canada and Australia over the USA. Here we have discussed a few factors that have made Canada and Australia the leading countries for the study-abroad aspirants this year.

A huge range of Courses to choose from:

Australia and Canada accommodate excellent universities that offer a huge range of courses. From Science and Technology to Management programs, the educational institutions in Canada and Australia offer courses that are globally recognized. Along with traditional courses, several unconventional courses are also available for the students to choose from.

Allows students to apply for a post-study work permit:

Unlike the USA and several European countries, both Canada and Australia allows Indian students to apply for a post-study work permit. In Canada, international students who complete a Master’s degree are eligible for three years of work permit. While in Australia, students can apply for work-permit after studying for two years in Australia.

Easy road to Permanent Residency

After studying in Canada and Australia, students may choose to apply for PR. Obtaining a PR in Canada and Australia after completing education from these countries is a smooth process. In addition, the Express Entry program has accelerated the number of Indians immigrating to Canada.

Safest Destination for International Students

While countries like the USA exhibit intolerance for international students, both Canada and Australia are considered to be a safe destination. The major cities in both countries are cosmopolitan thus, embrace cultural diversity.

Relatively low tuition fees and cost of living

If compared to the USA, the cost of living and tuition fees in Canada and Australia is relatively low. This makes studying in these two countries comparatively affordable for Indian Students.


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